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Feeling uninspired? Try a F@!k it Bubble.

This article looks at how improvisation can build confidence in our skills and help us to trust our abilities to create, put forward new ideas, and become less self-concious in all walks of life.

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Life is Improvisation, so why don't we teach it?

Why don't we teach children to improvise so that they are better equipped to face the unpredictability of life and build closer relationships with people as they grow older? This article makes the case for improv as a core skill, vital in today's society.

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The Green-Eyed Monster: 4 tips on how to handle other people's ideas

It can be hard to be gracious when someone else comes up with the good idea. Here are four tips that can help manage this situation and also set you up to be more inspired in the future

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Want new Ideas? Nothing to it.

This article focuses on the importance of not focusing too much in order to find inspiration. Semi-Automatic activity or even sheer idleness can be a better ally, particularly if we work a lot alone.

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​Improv-Eyes® – An analysis of impact


This paper briefly sets out the initial stages of research on the contribution of drama based improvisation and improvisation games to education, mainly by US-based researchers. It also outlines a funded research project (“Improv-Eyes”) currently underway in Limerick city involving parents and children at primary school level.

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